Feb 252012
Who would you pick?

Who would you pick?

Now, I’m all for popular pretty girls who don’t know how to talk and who will date any guy that crosses his eyes at her… but that trope has already been done.

What I haven’t seen much of is wispy weird girls who’ve seen their mother die, are open-minded and unprejudiced, and who won’t bend under torture from the Dark Lord.

Luna Lovegood was one of my favorite characters in the Harry Potter series. And Ginny Weasley was one of my least favorite–mostly because she had all the spice of a Wheat Thin and the sexual charms of a drunk house elf.

Maybe he likes the Wheat Thin crunch.

Maybe he likes the Wheat Thin crunch.

Which is why I was so disheartened, despite there being palpable attraction between Harry and Luna in every scene they were in, that he always ended up in horribly awkward “romantic” scenes with Ginny (Zipping up the back of a dress? Come on… oldest trick in the book).

Ginny plays the part of pining girlfriend and provided Harry with happy makeout sessions, which relieved us because lord knows he had enough tension in his life. But Luna, she helped him with the lost diadem, she inspired him to think of new things, made him laugh, and comforted him when Dobby and Sirius died. JK Rowling told us Ginny was the perfect girlfriend for Harry. JK Rowling showed us Luna was the perfect girlfriend for Harry.

What might have been...

What might have been…

Ginny was pretty. Luna was interesting. Neither one is bad, it just depends whether you prefer vanilla ice cream or Umgubular flavored pudding.

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    Thats actually a good reason. I like Ginny both film and books but there didn’t give her any character room to grow. Especially the films, in the 6th it looked like they were going to but she gets ignored the whole part 1 and 2 of the 7th film. Luna by character was a better match.


    From a purely alchemical/academic perspective, Luna’s perfect for Harry as well. Harry (as the philosopher’s stone) represents the vessel of lead (plumbi) turning into the golden sun (Sol). Luna (the moon) represents silver, quicksilver and all the things that go with that (werewolves, mothers, the night, etc). Harry, the son (sorry i meant sun) and Luna the moon.

    Perfect pair. good post.


    I agree, of course, and it raises a bigger question of why JK Rowling didn’t consider poor Luna. Was it simply because she was a bit goofy? Did she feel it necessary to tie Harry and Ron together by blood?

    And while we’re going there, I still think Hermione should have been the hero, not Harry. Why? Nerds are pure triumph.


      Yes! LoL, nerds are pure triumph. But lets leave it to another writer to write a Hermione-like heroine! (insert picture of your face). ;)
      I wonder if even Rowling didn’t know how awesome Luna was going to turn out to be, but perhaps she did. One thing is certain–Jenny ages REALLY well, haha.


    Damn, I never thought about that! You’re completely right. Great post!


    I loved Luna in the books but not as much in the movies (mostly because I knew how I would have played her, and I wanted to see that.) However… while I wanted to argue with you, the more I think about it, the more you seem to be right.


    Yes! Thank you!

    I always thought Harry and Luna were a much more suitable couple with far more capacity for true intimacy than Harry and Jenny. I found Jenny to be the only genuinely two-dimensional character in the entire series. Even the bartender and customers in town had more personality than she did. I was rooting for Luna all along, but what I would have really loved is if Jenny had more of Luna’s personality. I like Harry marrying Ron’s family.

    Thanks for a great blog, Ellie.


    Reminds me of Dora and Agnes in Dicken’s David Copperfield


    What a fascinating observation! I think poor Luna got written off as the crazy girl. Ginny could have had more layers and been a more understandable choice. Now you’ve got me rooting for Harry + Luna!


    I’ve always liked Luna and figured there should have been a more developed triangle between her, Ginny, and Harry. I’d have ultimately had Luna end up with Neville.

    Also, in ‘my’ HP epilogue, Hermione would have gone on to be the headmaster of Hogwarts. After all, she was the most brilliant wizard of her generation.



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    Good points and a well written post! :D Luna, like Neville, always seemed to get the short end of the stick for all the good she did.


    NONE of these things has occured to me, but I am fascinated at the choices others would make and the whys.

    I did, for a bit there, think that Luna would fall for Harry and that he would extract himself uncomfortably from their tentative friendship as a result. I got uncomfortable myself, anticipating the awkwardness of that and was frankly, relieved that nothing happened.

    I loved that he found himself loving Ginny because a) I love the Weasleys and b) think that she’s a lovely choice for a boy whose own family have gone and who longs to belong.

    Hermione as Headmistress of Hogwarts = BRILLIANT!


    I agree, it would’ve been interesting to see more Harry and Luna tension with Luna actually having a chance. She had more personality than Cho. That triangle felt a little weak.

    I also wished Luna and Neville got together. Plus, he turned out to be the best looking one of the lot! Apparently, he’s a WILF


    I liked Luna, too-na. I had hoped for a while Rowland was going to go this way and argued with my husband that the wrap-up was too wrapped up.

    But audiences like things wrapped up in bows. They like things neat. They don’t want tension. They want happily ever ever.


    Nothing against Ginny, but I’ve always been in team Luna! I believe the filmmakers were too. The chemistry between Harry and Luna in the movies was much better than the one between Harry and Ginny.
    Marcy Kennedy sent me here–and I’m glad she did :-)