Fall TV Preview – Part 1

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Aug 212012

Upcoming Fall TV Schedule Part 1: Repeat Offenders

Grimm – August 13th

The first of the new TV season out of the gate and here comes a show, that within the first ten minutes has already seemingly evolved and grown up from last year. The cast seem more confident. We also get a huge burst of mythology, more than the previous 20 episodes. I know a lot of people became disenchanted with Grimm but I would absolutely urge anyone to give it another try as you will be rewarded. There are a lot of answers in the premiere but even more questions are thrown up.


This is crazy, and you gave up on me already, but I’m back so watch me again maybe?

Doctor Who – September ?

With no official air-date confirmed for either the UK or US (Should be September 1st) and a very long time away from our screens, for many this will be the most eagerly awaited return. There are only five episodes (six including the Christmas Special introducing the new companion Clara). We will see the last of the Ponds. And knowing Doctor Who, their departure will likely be dramatic and bring about a tear or two.

There’s a lot to look forward to before that happens, “Asylum Of The Daleks” looks to be a classic in the making. While with “Dinosaurs On A Spaceship”, the title tells you there’s fun to be had there. And there is the wild-west-set “A Town Called Mercy” guest-staring genre favourite Ben Browder, the next two episodes are something of a mystery. The finale will feature the return of the Weeping Angels in Manhattan.

This season we say goodbye to TV's favorite ginger

This season we say goodbye to TV’s favorite ginger

Bones – September 17th

After last season, there was a lot of changes on Bones, finally getting Brennan and Booth together really seemed to make everything seem fresh again. The plots were better and they established a truly diabolical villain that the entire team of squints were unable to defeat. He will be back to plague them again this season.

We last saw Brennan on the run, with Booth left standing not knowing what was going on. While I’m sure that will be resolved fairly early on in the first few episodes, the impact of her decision will be far reaching in their relationship. Several episodes that were pushed back from last season are to be re-edited and included this time around. I hope they can match the quality of last year.

Fans enjoyed the season finale

Fans enjoyed the season finale.

How I Met Your Mother – September 24th

This might be the last season, it’s all up in the air right now. Jason Segel’s film career has exploded and he seems to be in everything. Which is good because he is fantastic and fun actor, but the show cannot go without him. If he leaves, the show must end. There’s a lot of ground to cover though. We know now that Robin and Barney get married, and their engagement will occur in the latter half of season 8. But they have to get there first and it has to seem believable. Ted has to meet the ‘mother’ of this story, it certainly isn’t Victoria who he drove off into the sunset with in the season 7 finale. Ted will have second thoughts about that and turn the car around. Can the show really deliver on all of the flash-forwards and hints from over the years if the end is in sight? It’s important to remember, the story isn’t about Ted’s relationship with this mystery woman, it is all about how he met her.

...then I bumped into your mother in the waiting room and married her the next day. The end.

…then I bumped into your mother in the waiting room and married her the next day. The end.

Person Of Interest – September 27th

This was my favourite new show last year by a mile. If for some reason you missed it, find it and watch it as soon as possible. Person Of Interest brings the highest calibre of action drama currently on television, each episode feels like a mini movie much like 24 used to. With last year ending on a massive cliffhanger, with Finch kidnapped and his mysterious machine seemingly communicating directly with Reese, and an excellent list of guest stars lined up, this new season should be as good, if not better than the first.

Is this a flash forward? How do they get to the island?

Is this a flash forward? How do they get to the island?

The Big Bang Theory – September 27th

The last season of TBBT was an important one. After a rocky fourth season, they finally found a way to include Bernadette and Amy fully into the show without it feeling awkward and forced. With Leonard and Penny rekindling their relationship, and Sheldon too making leaps forward with Amy (his holding her hand when Howard went into space was so sweet) it could prove to a deciding season to where it goes in the future. Suffice to say TBBT will be on for a few more years with its fantastic ratings and awards.

The final countdown

The final countdown

Dexter – September 30th

The first four seasons of Dexter were the absolute definition of must watch TV but the two seasons that followed just didn’t live up to what had gone before. Everything seemed sadly lacking. But the season six finale may have given the show a real boost, with Deb catching Dexter in the act. The recent trailers have shown a lot of what happens immediately afterwards, and the writers have a clear plan for the next two years (even if the network seem intent on forcing it to a ninth season) so we have to hope this new dynamic will breathe life back into Dexter.

Deb learns Dexter's shocking secret, that he is a little metrosexual

Deb learns Dexter’s shocking secret, that he is a little metrosexual

Supernatural – October 3rd

This is it. Make or break time. I’ve written a lot about Supernatural in the past and it being a prime case of show being dragged out until there was nothing left, but I’m still watching the weekly exploits of the Winchester boys. I’ve seen some spoilers for this season, and while I’m happy about Mark Sheppard’s Crowley featuring heavily in the villain role. The rest of the arc plot seems somewhat lacklustre. I hope the new show-runner manages to inject some of the old fun and horror back into the show. If he can’t, it might be the last season.

The editor has never watched this show. Let’s just pretend I added a fitting and witty caption.

Community – October 19th

Dan Harmon might be gone but the old adage is in force here; the show must go on. Understandably a lot of fans are upset about his departure but it is worth remembering, he didn’t write every single episode and the show has a talented team of writers. All of the cast are returning and the show’s energy comes from them, we will see what changes, if any, come. It might be that the show is no different and we don’t miss Harmon at all. However, I suspect this won’t be the case, he fought hard for the show behind the scenes and it barely scraped through to this fourth season.

One big, happy family (now with 100% less Dan Harmon!)

One big, happy family (now with 100% less Dan Harmon!)

Californication – January

We last left Hank Moody in a dangerous place, drugged by his psychotic ex and passing out to oblivion. I always look forward to this show, every time Hank starts to get things together something invariably comes along and destroys it. He’s usually the cause but not so much this time, still he was on probation and could end up in a lot of trouble depending on how everything turns out. There’s a lot of new characters coming this season and from all accounts it’s going to be another great year for a show that hasn’t had a dip in quality, ever, which is a rare thing.

Will the new season feature Hank Moody sleeping with Scully? That's what we really want to know.

Will the new season feature Hank Moody sleeping with Scully? That’s what we really want to know.

A breakdown of some of the new shows hitting our screens will be coming soon!

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    I’m a little behind in most of these, mostly because they are shown later in the UK.

    So I’ve only just started watching Person of Interest (first episode was very good), and have only recently finished Grimm season 1. (Also watching Castle, Falling Skies and Twin Peaks… I need more time!)

    As for Dexter, I think I’ve watched up to season 5? To be honest, I feel like it’s a little hit-and-miss. I do enjoy it, but feel like it’s gone on a little too long. Nothing will quite match the brilliance of the first season, although Trinity was pretty close.

    There are various others I’m waiting for too, but I guess since this is titled “part 1″, they’ll be in the other ones! (Specifically stuff like Alphas, True Blood etc.)


    I believe part 2 is covering new shows as opposed to returning shows.


    Ah ok, well it’ll give me some stuff to look out for (or acquire by other means if they don’t get broadcast over here).