What is this hot mess all about?

Our goal is to put a mirror up to pop-culture and place the cultural zeitgeist under CSI: Miami‘s microscope as David Caruso takes off his sunglasses. Hopefully along the way we’ll tickle your cerebellum bone. We are also a community at heart and we welcome your participation.

That didn’t remotely make sense. What the hell is BSIG anyway?

Blind scribblings and incoherent grunts. Jackie O. simply calls it BSIG.

How do you pronounce BSIG?

With an emphasis on the silent K. It helps to breathe through your eyelids.

Who in their right mind would call their website that?

BSIG used to be a self-deprecating term for all my writing. However, this is a community of writers who I enjoy and respect. So now it means something else. Perhaps you could say that all artistic endeavor is designed to connect with an audience and share part of the human journey. Pop-culture is inherently communal. Words are an imperfect medium. As we gather to discuss the various things we’re passionate about (books, movies, TV shows, etc), sometimes words fail us. But we’ll try regardless.

Are you aware that scribblings isn’t a word?

I am in fact. Normally I’m a pedantic ass. The correct word would be scribbles, however scribblings sounds better and given the context of what the name represents, it almost makes more sense to make up a word. Feel free to add it to your dictionary at any time.

You still haven’t answered my initial question.

BSIG is a community for writers and readers to connect on a variety of subjects they want to geek out about. Most websites are niche by design, and that’s fine. But in real life I might discuss both a musician I’ve discovered and love, and a movie I’ve recently watched with my friends. On the internet we segregate such discussions to different websites and different communities. We hope to provide great content and great conversations about a variety of topics. Imagine your favorite dinner party with all of your favorite friends and the discussions you have there.

As a staff, our goal is to provide new content each week (ideally something new every weekday, holidays excluded). But this is your home as much as ours. We write to connect with our audience. The comment threads and forums are here for you, so please embrace them.

Civil discourse on the internet? That’s umpossible. The internet is filled with ass-hats.

That is why I had to make a new website even though there are countless others that discuss many of the same topics we’ll cover. To foster a great community online, I’m going with a two-prong approach. The first is putting great content out for you to read. That should appeal to a certain type of reader. Secondly, I’m cheating by applying gamification. As far as I can tell, this will be the first blog on the planet to implement democratic moderation (akin to Slashdot). Good comments are voted up and bad comments are voted down. You’ll gain a karma score and title based upon your behavior on the site.

You have a hand in this as well. Please invite good friends and insightful commenters.

Not a terrible plan. It might just work. But why are you covering diverse topics? Is there really overlap between comic book fans and sport fans?

Thanks for the stellar vote of confidence. I suspect most readers won’t be interested in every topic we cover, but you can easily pick which topics/categories to read. And sometimes you’ll be surprised in overlap between fandoms.

Why is the web design so simplistic? It looks terrible.

Thankfully no one has said that yet. But the last site I designed got mixed reviews. I’m not a professional web designer, nor a professional graphic designer. For this site, I had almost impossible goals. I wanted the site to look nice,  load quickly, be feature rich, and be secure. Normally you simply can’t have all four at once. For a hobbyist, I’d like to think I did well. While we’re on the subject of design, the site should hopefully render well on most browsers on most operating systems. I’ve got fonts set up for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone and Android. The site does not render properly on IE8 and earlier, but screw IE. HTML5 and standards complaint browsers are the way to go.

If you want the site to look as intended, please download the Roboto font. It’s quite nice.

Well, at least the logo looks nice.

That isn’t a question, however our fantastic logo was done by http://www.ejtdesign.com/. I highly recommend his work.

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    Hi BSIG. Just found you via Gene Lempp and Ellie Soderstrom and Twitter. Looks like a ton of fun things happen here; can’t wait to dive in!