Review Policy


BSIG covers a wide variety of topics. We will gladly provide review for:

  • Books
  • Albums
  • Movies
  • Video games (including mobile apps)
  • Web-series
  • Gadgets

If you would like BSIG to review an item, please contact us with a description of what you’d like reviewed. I will reach out to me staff and gauge interest to ensure that I can provide you with a firm commitment for a review. Personally, I’m usually happy to participate in blog tours, post guest posts, conduct author interviews, and/or hold giveaways in conjunction with writing reviews. Our goal is to not replicate the same coverage every other website already provides. We want to review under-exposed upcoming releases that people may not be aware of, or items that we can provide a unique perspective on. We’re not opposed to reviewing mainstream releases, but we do have a decidedly geeky slant.

Electronic copies of books are fine.

All BSIG reviews will be written honestly. We do not criticize simply to be critical, nor will praise ever be handed out automatically. That should go without saying, however readers value reviewers they trust. I will not guarantee reviews for anything we receive unsolicited. We will do our best to provide all reviews in a timely manner.

Each writer on staff is free to use a rating scale (or not) at their discretion.