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T. J. Brumfield – T. J. is a human being residing on the planet Earth. He enjoys converting oxygen to carbon-dioxide and carbonated beverages to urine. He is tolerated (barely) by a wife and child. If you can’t tell by the snark, he doesn’t like writing bios. He feels real people aren’t easily labeled. You can follow him on , Facebook, or Twitter unless you’re T. J.’s parole officer.

Staff Writers:

Sarah Brumfield – Proud mother, geek, and sports fan. You can follow Sarah on , Facebook, and Twitter.

Daniel Burden – Daniel is working on the horror novel, I Made Monsters. You can find him on Twitter.

Nicole Drum – Nicole is actually Hawkgirl. She enjoys saving the world, pie, and scaring the hell out of herself by watching Teen Mom. She presently resides in the Midwest (until DC gets a clue and brings her back from the dead again) where she is working on a novel of parallel universes. You can follow Nicole on Google+, Facebook, Twitter. She also has a blog that she routinely forgets exists.

Damon Magnuson- Damon Magnuson is a strange man to say the least. Born in Lincoln but raised in a small village that is known by most people by the raceway that resides there. An outcast by circumstance, he used this to his advantage by preparing for his adulthood years before it was necessary. In the process, this allowed him to develop a keen yet snarky perception of the world laced with copious amounts of common sense and adaptability. He feels that cynicism is for quitters but equally abhors ignorance and bedlam in principle and practice. Semi-begrudgingly, he uses his powers for Good and not entirely for Awesome (most of the time). He believes that life should consist of very good music, excellent conversation, consideration of all walks of life, and that everyone has their own unique story to tell, if anyone is willing to listen. He has worked at introducing people to all sorts of music while working at a used CD joint, spent four years as a programmer at KZUM (89.3 FM) introducing more music and sneaks in some writing when he’s not working and/or finishing his degree. A writer for over 10 years in both fiction and non-fiction work, he is half way through a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, one sixteenth through writing his epic trilogy, a third of the way through his life and if he has his way, he’ll be three fourths the way through a six pack of expensive, snooty beer that is bottled overseas by the time you finish reading his bio. He is not perfect nor does he have any allusions that anyone is. He is always willing to listen to criticism as long as it’s constructive and tries not to blush like the twit he is when someone pays him a compliment. His intent whenever writing is to share something he finds interesting while keeping it informative and sensible. And smart, on a good day. You can follow Damon on and Facebook.

Dusty Sloan – Dusty has been a professional sports writer since the age of 16. He most recently served as the Chief Content Writer for the United Football League during the 2010 and 2011 seasons. Dusty has been a professional sports writer more than 19 years, beginning at his hometown paper, the Ashland (Ohio) Times-Gazette, in April 1993, where he eventually worked his way up to the position of sports editor. An avid professional football historian, Dusty, 35, has been married to wife Mandy for almost four years, and resides in Ashland, Ohio. You can follow him on Facebook, on Twitter or on Twitter.

Allan Schumacher – Allan has been a gamer as long as he can remember, starting with the Apple IIe. He’s since broadened his gaming platforms to “anything that has fun games I like to play” and leveraged it into a job with BioWare! Gaming and movies capture his eye the most, but in general has an interest in listening to any passionate geek discuss their geekdom. You can follow Allan on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.

Ellie Soderstrom – Ellie Ann is a reformed basketball jock, in training to become a world-renowned geek. Check out her weird blog and say howdy on Twitter.


Sara Argyle- Sarah grew up in Omaha, NE but I currently lives in Preston, ID which is the hometown of Napoleon Dynamite. Yes, the town is a lot like what it seems in the movie. She likes the small town feel better than living in the big city though. She is a stay at home mom with 2 kids. They keep her pretty busy. When she finds time, she does photography. She has been doing portrait photography since about 1999. She only recently started with landscapes. On weekends she goes on ghost hunts with a group called Cache Valley Paranormal. She is their group manager so that means she is responsible for finding these haunted places, and setting up investigations with location owners. She enjoys reading; right now she is really into vampires, but not necessarily Twilight, even though she did enjoy Breaking Dawn quite a bit. Her husband would say she watches too much TV. She likes science fiction and end of the world type shows a lot. Oddly enough she doesn’t go for the scary ghost stuff. She doesn’t find them realistic, so she has a hard time getting into it. Funny, because of the apocalyptic stuff she does like. Like a zombie apocalypse would ever happen… You can follow Sara on Facebook or Twitter.

Ann Bransom – Ann Bransom is an inbound marketing specialist and freelance writer living and working in Lexington, KY. You can follow Ann on Google+, Twitter or her independent Make Me a Day.

Rob Brown – Rob was born and raised in the overpopulated and traffic-filled DC area. His writing experience includes following a league you probably never heard of, contributing on sites that don’t exist anymore, and creating a site that only two people probably read (thanks mom!). Other than that, he enjoys spending time catching up on TV shows that are about to get cancelled and playing games that he should’ve outgrown years ago. You can follow Rob on , Facebook, Twitter and his website

Leslie Cummings – You can follow Leslie on Twitter or on Facebook.

Mike Fontaine – You can follow Mike on , Facebook and Twitter.

Machiavelli Id – Machiavelli is a geeky fetish model obsessed with megaliths, mutations and machinery. Her alter ego is Sophie Lizard, a pro writer and amateur parent supporting her family by blogging for hire. Learn more about that at, or find Machiavelli at, on Twitter and on Facebook.

Jen Kirchner – Jen Kirchner is a writer, gamer, and coffee junkie who lives in Seattle to feed all three habits. She thinks talking about herself in third person is weird. Jen’s debut novel about the world’s worst necromancer and a set of crazy talking knives is coming soon. You can follow Jen on Google+, Twitter, or on her website.

Mortari – Mortari is a life-long geek who can’t get enough of superheroes. She’s interested in how comics represent our social, cultural and political values, and particularly in the portrayal of women and minority characters. You can find her talking about comics on Tumblr or politics on Twitter.

Joshua Richardson – You can follow Josh on Facebook, or on one of his two blogs. and

Mark Tomasello – A rolling stone that has gathered moss; in his spare time he enjoys playing with matches, running with scissors, throwing stones while inside glass houses, skating on thin ice, looking gift horses in the mouth, swimming after eating, tossing out babies with the bathwater and jumping out of frying pans into fires.And I totally stole this bio off the internet. You can follow Mark on , Facebook, or his blog –

Cynric Whitaker – Cynric has high standards. He expects greatness. He expects character. And he looks to the examples of our heroes, both real and fictional, to puzzle out the secrets of strength and courage. He studies psychology. He reads Emerson, Thoreau, McCaffrey, Card, and every Punisher graphic novel he can find. He believes that our fictional heroes are a reflection of our inner hero yearning to be set free.He is not to be fucked with.You can connect with Cynric at Google+, Facebook, and on Twitter.