“Television is simply automated day-dreaming.” – Lee Lovinger

Fall TV Preview - Part 1

Fall TV Preview – Part 1

Upcoming Fall TV Schedule Part 1: Repeat Offenders Grimm – August 13th The first of the new TV season out of the gate and here comes a show, that within the first ten minutes has already seemingly evolved and grown up from last year. The cast seem more confident. We also get a huge burst [...]

'Supernatural': Season 8 Wishlist

‘Supernatural’: Season 8 Wishlist

Season seven of Supernatural has come to a close, and what a dull finale it truly was. We saw the Winchester boys (and Meg, Crowley, Bobby, and Cas) face off against Dick and defeat him. His evil (and frankly confusing) schemes are over. The Leviathan storyline probably is not over, as they are now leaderless, [...]

Lena Headey Needs You

Lena Headey Needs You

Lena Headey has signed on with Zenescope Productions to play Dr. Sela Mathers in the Grimm Fairy Tales animated series. Grimm Fairy Tales is currently the longest-running independent color comic being published today, with over one million copies in print and had two spin-offs. They’ve reached out to the fans via Kickstarter to help fund [...]

Nudity in 'Game of Thrones'

Nudity in ‘Game of Thrones’

Game of Thrones returns to HBO tonight for a second season, bringing with it plenty of blood and nudity. I don’t intend to write a review of the first season, nor a preview of the second season. I believe Dan will be tackling that. Nor will I give you detailed analysis of how the television [...]

'Supernatural': Stay Dead

‘Supernatural’: Stay Dead

There is no avoiding the fact that season 6 of Supernatural was a confused mess that had no idea where it was going from week to week. There was the occasional great episode such as the brilliant “Frontierland” in which Dean goes back to Wild West but overall it was a real disappointment and I [...]

Television's British Invasion

Television’s British Invasion

The US produces the best television. They have the best comedies, dramas, science fiction and action. A bold statement perhaps, but true. Week in week out we get movie level productions with great writing and the best acting in the world. US shows have budgets per episode that would pay for an entire season in [...]

'Awake': Confident Premiere & Strong Production Value

‘Awake’: Confident Premiere & Strong Production Value

Awake is one of those high concept shows that will have people hanging around the water cooler and discussing over lunch. But it’s not complicated. It’s a simple idea that very quickly creates a world of mystery without making the viewer feel lost. Certainly the most confident opening from any freshman show in the 2011/2012 [...]