6 Directors for the Justice League

6 Directors for the Justice League

Warner Brothers is at least considering Ben Affleck to direct their Justice League movie. Deadline is denying the story, but frankly they’re not as trustworthy as Variety. And while the internet has responded with some typical Affleck-backlash that the same guy who once starred in Gigli is going to direct such a key project. I’m [...]

Looking Back and Forward on The Accidental Batman Trilogy

Looking Back and Forward on The Accidental Batman Trilogy

Christopher Nolan didn’t set out to create a Batman trilogy. Frankly, I’m not sure he tried making a single Batman movie (more on that later). In the forward to The Art and Making of The Dark Knight Trilogy, he writes: People ask if we’d always planned a trilogy. This is like being asked whether you [...]

Is The Amazing Spiderman Same Ol' Same Ol'?

Is The Amazing Spiderman Same Ol’ Same Ol’?

Out of all the critiques I’ve heard about The Amazing Spider-man, the most common is that it’s the same story as Raimi’s 2002 version, Spider-Man. Same ol’ same ol’, people say. This is quite a heavy charge to lay against a movie, because everyone knows Hollywood hates coming out with the same story more than [...]

The Amazing Spider-Man Review

The Amazing Spider-Man Review

I always support the underdog; it’s a fault or a quality depending on your point of view. And in a crowded comic book summer, it falls to The Amazing Spider-Man to be the underdog. I went in hoping to prove all the naysayers wrong. I was never a fan of how Sam Raimi dealt with [...]

Staff Post - Favorite Comic Book Movies

Staff Post – Favorite Comic Book Movies

The Avengers is the third highest grossing film of all-time. The Dark Knight made a cool billion, and its sequel is about to premiere. Spider Man 3 (despite poor reviews) raked in 900 million, and also has a new entry (albeit a reboot) coming out July 3rd. I figured now was as good a time [...]

'The Amazing Spider-Man' Steps Up To Meet The Big Boys

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Steps Up To Meet The Big Boys

Last night I was one of the privileged few who attended a worldwide preview event of The Amazing Spider-Man. We were treated to a live video link with director Mark Webb and the film’s stars across the world; Andrew Garfield attended the screening in NYC, Emma Stone in Rio and Rhys Ifans was in London. [...]

Thoughts on 'The Avengers'

Thoughts on ‘The Avengers’

I don’t know if you are aware, but there is a summer movie coming out that looks of  interest to me. It’s called The Avengers and it’s about these six superheroes who team together to save the world. Okay, I’ll cut it out. EVERYONE’S heard about The Avengers and EVERYONE knows who the cast and [...]