Fall TV Preview - Part 1

Fall TV Preview – Part 1

Upcoming Fall TV Schedule Part 1: Repeat Offenders Grimm – August 13th The first of the new TV season out of the gate and here comes a show, that within the first ten minutes has already seemingly evolved and grown up from last year. The cast seem more confident. We also get a huge burst [...]

'Supernatural': Season 8 Wishlist

‘Supernatural’: Season 8 Wishlist

Season seven of Supernatural has come to a close, and what a dull finale it truly was. We saw the Winchester boys (and Meg, Crowley, Bobby, and Cas) face off against Dick and defeat him. His evil (and frankly confusing) schemes are over. The Leviathan storyline probably is not over, as they are now leaderless, [...]

'Supernatural': Stay Dead

‘Supernatural’: Stay Dead

There is no avoiding the fact that season 6 of Supernatural was a confused mess that had no idea where it was going from week to week. There was the occasional great episode such as the brilliant “Frontierland” in which Dean goes back to Wild West but overall it was a real disappointment and I [...]

Supernatural: Carry On My Wayward Son

Supernatural: Carry On My Wayward Son

***Spoilers!*** Simply put, season 6 of Supernatural was an absolute train wreck. Fans of the show know all too well that Eric Kripke intended for it for finish after season 5 with the greatest battle of the Winchester boys’ lives; they came up against Lucifer himself and won. Sort of. This five year arc was [...]

TV Shows That Lost The Plot

TV Shows That Lost The Plot

There are very few shows that maintained a perfect run, without any bad seasons or cringeworthy episodes, but there have been a few in recent memory that became so awful, so convoluted, that they earned themselves a place on this list. Heroes It’s difficult to identify where exactly this went wrong. Heroes was, for a [...]