The Final Act

Layne froze in mid step as she approached an intersection in the narrow corridor. Something moved around the corner. She quick stepped to the left wall, keeping her weight balanced on the balls of her feet, the gun heavy and slick in her hands. Emergency lighting was enough for her to make out two subjects [...]


Flesh We don’t remember our lives anymore. Our children might even be here with us. But this isn’t important; there are no cares or woes to this new existence. We are one and we are many. All members of the Horde. Flesh! All we know is the hunger. A need that drives us to move [...]

Star Wars: Dead Planet

Ran felt the cool spectre of the reaper hanging over him, snapping at the heels of his very soul. He knew this was the end. And with acceptance comes a brief and timely moment of clarity. It was his fate to die here, in the corroded valley, where forceful winds had etched their stamp on [...]

Exit Strategies

Exit Strategies Cynric Whitaker “Don’t point that thing at me!” In the dim red of the emergency lights Kraizen’s face was ghoulish. His eyes were wide with rage as he glared pointedly at the muzzle of Gibson’s rifle. “Maybe you’re not infected,” Gibson said. “But if you turn on me one more time I’ll give [...]


Malpraktis Cynric Whitaker The cadaver on the table finally stopped flailing, though one eye still twitched as the bone saw chewed through the perimeter of the skull. Roger ignored the stench of putrid flesh as he pulled the brain case apart and deftly began inserting probes. Carolyn, his lab assistant, eyed the restraints as they [...]