BSIG - Blind Scribblings and Incoherent Grunts

Once upon I had an idea of creating a haven for geeks of all flavors to come together and discuss whatever their passions were. Writers tackled topics such as:

I was also looking for a sex columnist but never found one. Sadly the project was short-lived. I didn't get many submissions from writers and my then boss objected with me having such an ambitious side project (thinking that it would detract from my job). Sadly the backup I had of the site's database got corrupted. I could attempt to rebuild all of this from the ground up. What I would need however are other writers who want to write about their passions and perhaps a PHP coder to help with a few features. If you miss BSIG or want to be part of a potential BSIG 2.0 then drop me a line at [email protected].

Even with very little here, there might still be a sekrit or two as a remnant of what we once had..